Water Polo Statistics App


When the app first opens you see a grid with a 'Settings' and 'New' button. If you select the 'Settings' button you get to the screen shown in Figure 2. The settings screen will enable you to set the default e-mail addresses to send the app statistic reports to.  The iCloud switch enables the statistics to be automatically saved to the iCloud so that the same statistics can be viewed in all of the user's devices (iPhone and iPad).  If the iCloud setting isn't selected, the user's statistic data will only be saved to that particular device.

If the user selects 'New', Figure 3 will be brought up on the screen.  From this screen the user can create a new season.  The user can input a season title, team name, and notes.  The Goalie Stat Option 1 and Goalie Stat Option 2 inputs allow a user to pick two additional goalie statistics that they want to track.  The Non-Goalie Stat Option 1 and Non-Goalie Stat Option 2 inputs allow a user to pick two additional non-goalie statistics that they want to track.   The season completed switch enables a user to lock their statistics after the season is over so the statistics aren't inadvertently changed.

Figure 1: Season
Figure 2: App Settings
Figure 3: New Season

Once a season is created, you can select that season in the grid and get to a screen that looks like Figure 4.  The 'Back' button will take you back to the season screen shown in Figure 1.  The 'Edit Season' button will let you edit the season settings show in Figure 3.  The 'Summary' button will take you to the season summary screen show in Figure 5 so that you can visualize a tally of all statistics for the entire season for each player.  The 'Export' button will automatically create a summary report of all statistics for the season and let you send the report to whoever you want.  This is shown in Figure 6.

Figure 9: New Game
Figure 5: Season Summary
Figure 6: Season Export

The 'Roster' button will take you to the roster screen shown in Figure 7.  In this screen you will see all of the players on your roster.  By selecting a player or the 'New' button it will take you to the screen shown in Figure 8.  In this player screen you can set the player name, cap number, and whether the player is a goalie or not.  The display player switch will allow you to show or hide the player from the player statistics screen.  By selecting the 'New' button from the game screen (Figure 4), you will get to the screen in Figure 9.  The game information screen lets you set your opponent's team name, location of the game, date of the game, maximum number of timeouts for the game, and notes.  The game log switch enables you to easily log the game time for each statistic added for the game.  If the game log switch is enabled as shown below, the user will be able to choose the length of each game quarter.

Figure 7: Roster
Figure 8: Player Settings
Figure 9: New Game

If you select a game from the grid in the game screen, you will move to the player statistics screen shown in Figure 10.  This screen will let you change the game quarter when necessary, log timeouts taken throughout the game, and log statistics for each player by pressing the '+' or '-' buttons next to the statistic that just occurred for the player that achieved that statistic.  The players can be selected on the left and the statistics can be selected on the right.  If game log was enabled in the game settings, the game time logger will display after a statistic is added by pressing the '+' button.  Here the user can log the game time when the statistic occurred.  Note: In order to increase the score of the opponent, goals against must be logged against the team's goalie.

If the user wants to see a summary of statistics for the game at any point during the game, they may press the 'Summary' button from the player statistics screen.  The screen in Figure 12 will then be displayed.  The user can select each player to see statistics from the course of the game like kick outs and goals scored.

Figure 10: Player Statistics
Figure 11: Game Log
Figure 12: Game Summary

If you want to export your game statistics, press the 'Export' button.  You will be presented will multiple options for exporting your game statistics.  You can export the statistics in a quarter by quarter breakdown for each player.  You can export just the game totals for each player.  Or if you have game logs enabled, you can export the statistics in a game report with each game statistic associated with a game time.

Figure 13: Export Game Stats Menu
Figure 14: Game Export